Liberating TAMAR Events 2016

Online Fundraiser to Support
“A TAMAR Christmas 2016”

In 2016, we are partnered with the Salvation Army in Levittown Pennsylvania on December 10, 2016 to bring Christmas to the Traumatized, Abused, Misunderstood And Rejected (TAMAR). During that event, we had prayer, worship, a poem, ministry in the Word and a special gift basket for each participant.

We launched an online fundraiser to generate funds for the event. A portion of the proceeds generated from the fundraiser went towards our Christmas event.



Popcorn Palace: A Heavenly Experience

Liberating Tamar partnered with Popcorn Palace for this year’s fundraiser to offer our supporters “A Heavenly Experience”. Popcorn Palace is all about flavor heightened by the toasty crunch of freshly popped gourmet popcorn to ensure that your every bite is “a heavenly experience.” Guaranteed!



First Annual Naked and Unashamed Conference 2016

A community event hosted by Liberating Tamar brings an evening of worship, adoration, prayer and warfare as we came before His throne in full transparency to claim our emotional freedom.

Covered in prayer by Woman with a Sword Ministries



Books Behind Bars 2016

In June 2016, the Liberating Tamar team took God’s message of emotional liberation “behind bars” to the Mercer County Correctional Facility for Women.

Our goal was to sow 100 copies of the book, Liberating TAMAR, a Journey Towards Emotional Freedom into the lives of the female inmates.

Each donation of just $15 through the campaign enabled one woman to begin her own personal journey.

Books Behind Bars

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