Hot Off the Press! Destiny Fast 2019 Study Guides Now Available…

From January 3 to February 11, 2019, members of the 40 Day Destiny Fast 2019 Group ate the Word of God together, beginning at 5 AM each morning.

The Word of God nourished each member’s unique vision, purpose and destiny. The theme was “Destiny Blockers” and we tackled a different one each morning, as we experienced the movement of God in our lives personally and spiritually. Now we would like to share the teachings that emerged from this powerful experience. We have created eight Study Guides that cover all the destiny blockers and the lessons learned through prayer and fasting. The details are listed below.

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As you go through each study guide, be sure to have a journal book by your side to capture your thoughts, your daily growth spurts and your spiritual development.

The cost for each individual guide is $20.
And the complete set is available for the discounted price of $80.

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Day 1Lack of vision 
Day 2Procrastination 
Day 3Impatience
Day 4Fear of failure 
Day 5Fear of lack

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Day 6Dishonor
Day 7Poverty Mindset
Day 8Competition/Jealousy 
Day 9Guilt/Shame/Condemnation
Day 10Unprocessed Anger

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Day 11Misplaced Priorities
Day 12Low Self-esteem/Self-worth 
Day 13Lack of Prayer/Time with God
Day 14Lack of Love
Day 15Inconsistency

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Day 16Insecurity 
Day 17Pride
Day 18Fear of Man/People Pleasing
Day 19Unforgiveness/Offense
Day 20Rebellion

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Day 21Lack of Authenticity 
Day 22Perfectionism
Day 23Dishonesty
Day 24Murmuring and Complaining
Day 25Lack of Initiative/Laziness

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Day 26Rejection /Fear of rejection
Day 27Lack of Confidence/Boldness
Day 28Disobedience
Day 29Double-mindedness/Doubt 
Day 30Discouragement

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Day 31Lack of Discipline/Self-control 
Day 32Generational Bondage
Day 33Lack of Knowledge
Day 34Lack of Focus 
Day 35Poor Judgment

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Day 36Inability to Develop Relationships
Day 37Evil Associations
Day 38Lack of Stewardship
Day 39Selfishness
Day 40Lack of Faith